LifeLinc General Counsel, Charles Key, JD, a Finalist in Best of the Bar Awards

Congratulations to LifeLinc Corporation's General Counsel, Charles Key, JD, who has been selected as a finalist for the Memphis Business Journal's Best of the Bar Awards for In-House Counsel. The Best of the Bar Awards honor the Mid-South’s top legal professionals, who will vie for awards in seven different categories. Charles brings more than 30 years of healthcare experience to Lifelinc. Thanks Charles for all you do and for your continued efforts in Changing the Status Quo of healthcare!

From Charles' MBJ profile:

What do you consider the seminal case of your career? 

My defining moments have been more in the board room than the courtroom. Working with others, I structured what I believe to be the first preferred provider organization (what we would now call a physician-hospital organization) in the Memphis area, in 1984, which began the first phase of my career, focused largely on managed care organizations. I have been privileged to serve as primary outside counsel to a number of medical practice groups, hospitals and health-related organizations over a 30-year period of major industry change, joining a former client, LifeLinc Corp., in 2014 as in-house general counsel. LifeLinc operates anesthesia and pain management practices at more than 25 sites in 12 states.

What’s the most important skill set or talent you possess that makes you the lawyer you are?

I listen well, pay attention to detail, can write clearly and persuasively and have great respect for the work performed by health care professionals.

If you weren’t a lawyer, what profession would you choose? 

I would love to have taught philosophy at a small college somewhere. But, to make a living, I probably would have stayed in something like the state government administrative job I had before law school.

How many times did you take the bar? 

Once in Tennessee and once in Missouri, where I went to school and worked up until coming home to Memphis in 1984

What advice would you give yourself when you entered law school? 

Persevere, and follow where God leads you.

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