Terms & Conditions Agreement

  1. All referrals must be submitted through the LifeLinc website referral page.
  2. You must submit the candidate’s CV via the website. If you fail to submit a CV with the referral, the referral bonus will be limited to $250 when the candidate meets either the full-time, part-time or PRN employment requirements as outlined on the referral page.
  3. The candidate must be a practicing provider in good standing and eligible to provide anesthesia services in at least one state at the time of the referral.
  4. You must contact the candidate in advance, and the candidate must have agreed by email or by phone to allow you to submit his or her name for recruiting purposes.
  5. The referral bonus will be paid only if LifeLinc hires the candidate within 90 days following your initial referral.
  6. You and candidate must BOTH be actively employed by LifeLinc as of the last day of the sixth month after the first day of the candidate’s employment with LifeLinc for you to be eligible to receive the bonus.
  7. Students and names submitted from a list of recent graduates are not eligible candidates.
  8. Only one bonus will be paid for each eligible candidate.  In the event that two referrals are made for the same candidate, the LifeLinc employee whose referral is the first one received on the website will be eligible for the bonus.
  9. Candidates who are already known to LifeLinc, are currently being recruited by LifeLinc, have previously been employed by LifeLinc or have previously been engaged by LifeLinc on a contract basis will be disqualified from eligibility.
  10. No LifeLinc employee will be paid more than a total of $4,000 per calendar year in referral bonuses.
  11. LifeLinc has sole discretion to review and approve/reject each individual referral.
  12. LifeLinc reserves the right to make changes in this policy at any time.