Perioperative coverage

We understand that to thrive in the continuous uncertainty of today's healthcare market, you must have an anesthesia group that is properly aligned with the business goals of your hospital. Having a partner, like LifeLinc, who is dedicated to the field of anesthesia management can be an effective solution for controlling costs and maximizing revenue from your OR. Our clinical and administrative teams can handle all aspects of perioperative management including staffing, billing, payer contracting, recruiting and credentialing. 

Our goals for your facility when partnered with LifeLinc include: 

  • Reduce or even eliminate anesthesia subsidy
  • Increase surgeon and patient satisfaction
  • Improve OR utilization and turnover time
  • Increase on-time case starts
  • Increase anesthesia coverage for surgical cases

In addition to complete perioperative coverage for your hospital, we can provide seamless coverage across your entire network including multiple hospitals and ASCs. And if you aren't currently looking for a third party solution but would like to address specific issues or changes, we also offer consulting services and can perform a complete evaluation of your existing anesthesia department.